Gondola for pilot plus five passengers with the same versatile characteristics as the 4-seater airship with the difference of a much better payload weight.

Ideal for commercial passenger transport, touristic flights, and scientific projects.

Basically this is the best utilitary thermal Airship!

Volume 5,000 m3
Length 48.6 m
Diameter 14.88 m
Motor Rotax 582 / 65 HP
Envelope material GEFA-FLUG Toughtear X Power
Propeller Helix carbon fiber 4 blades
Capacity Pilot plus 5 passengers
Max. airspeed 35 km/h – 19kt
Flight time (4 pax) Approx. 2.0 hours
Max. all up weight 1,488 kg
Payload 450 kg
Avionics Dittel KRT2/FLYTEC 3040
Transponder Garrecht Avionik Mode S