Gondola for pilot plus three passengers made of aerospace grade steel tubing with an instrument panel that fulfill the requirements to fly in controlled airspace.

Ideal for image building, aerial advertising, special projects, environment monitoring and pleasure flights.

The most practical thermal airship to do commercial advertising campaigns!

Volume 3,000 m3
Length 41.0 m
Diameter 12.8 m
Motor Rotax 582 / 65hp
Envelope material Hyperlast
Propeller Helix carbon fiber 4 blades
Capacity Pilot plus 3 passengers
Max. airspeed 35 km/h
Flight time (4 pax) Approx. 1.0 hour
Max. all up weight 900 kg
Avionics Dittel KRT2/FLYTEC 3040
Transponder Garrecht Avionik Mode A